Watch as the PM’s Queensland win sparks political intrigue

Watch as the PM’s Queensland win sparks political intrigue

The coronavirus scare in Queensland has brought with it an unusual political spectacle: Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk announcing her Queensland Government would win a new seat.

The seat of Wagga Wagga is one of five Queensland seats up for grabs, with the three other seats between Brisbane and Townsville all being held by the ALP.

Palaszewski won the seat of Bendigo in the 2017 election, but then fell out with the LNP.

This time around, the new Queensland Government will have a lot of work ahead of it.

Paloszczewski’s government has already declared a “no confidence” motion against Queensland’s new Labor leader, Brendan O’Connor, in the House of Representatives, and has vowed to fight the Coalition’s plans to bring in the carbon tax and privatise state services.

“The state will not accept a Labor government that does not share our values,” Palaszzewski said in a statement.

“I am not sure what Labor’s values are.”

Ms Palaszekewski is the first woman to lead the Queensland Government, succeeding John Key.

Ms Paloszewski was a Liberal Party MP from the Gold Coast before joining the LPLP in 2010, when it was labelled “racist” for its opposition to the carbon pricing scheme.

She later became Queensland’s first female premier.

Palasiksczuk’s first Cabinet meeting was held on January 7, just before the LNZ party’s state election victory, where she announced she would seek a new term in 2019.

The LNP, which lost the state election, has yet to confirm a replacement candidate.

MsPalaszzczewski is not the first Queensland Premier to announce she is seeking a second term.

In 2015, then Premier Annastasia Crawley announced she was seeking a new five-year term in 2020.

Ms Crawley’s successor, Anthony Albanese, announced on January 10 that he was stepping down from the position on January 23.

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