How to run the 2020 presidential primary and general election from the comfort of your own home

How to run the 2020 presidential primary and general election from the comfort of your own home

How do you run an election from your own couch?

A new device from San Francisco startup CrowdSurge is designed to help voters run their own primary and election from their home and take advantage of a new technology called “smart door locks.”

The idea is to help ensure that the candidate who wins the popular vote wins in November, but also help voters get to the polls in a timely manner.

The CrowdSurges is a small, wearable device that connects to a mobile app that allows the voter to enter their preferences and vote on their behalf.

The app then allows the election official to send an SMS or email to the voter with the information to verify the voter’s eligibility to vote.

It can also be used to verify a voter’s age or whether they have voted in the past.

While the technology is designed for use at home, the company is working to make it more useful for election workers, which is why they are already using it in two states.

In Pennsylvania, the CrowdSurging can be used at polling places to verify voter eligibility, and in Minnesota, the device can be placed in a voting booth to verify that a voter has voted in a previous election.

It’s also available to be used for voter registration, and can be connected to voter-verification systems that verify voter identity.

The company is also working to build a device that can also help verify voter information.

CrowdSurge’s founder, Matt Sowards, told Axios that the company was hoping to have the device ready for use in the first quarter of 2020.

It will cost about $20 to purchase and install the app and device, he said.

Once installed, the crowdsurge will connect to a smartphone app that connects it to the cloud and the voter can use the app to verify their voter eligibility to cast their ballot.

It is the first smart door lock system that has been built using a wearable technology, and Sowares said that CrowdSurve’s team is looking to use the device for other kinds of elections.

“We are going to try to use it in the 2020 election as well,” he said, referring to the 2020 primary and the general election.

The company is already working to sell the device to other companies, but Sowarts hopes that he can convince more to use his technology for other elections.


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