Why does the election result matter?

Why does the election result matter?

When it comes to voting, Australians have an enormous responsibility to vote in this year’s presidential election, writes James Fenn.

But what does that really mean?

Read moreThe results of the federal election have already been officially declared, and it’s the federal electoral commission (Election Commission) that will deliver the official results, which will then be declared in state capitals across the country.

But what does it mean for the future?

The federal election is the most important election in the history of Australia.

But there are still many things to be said about how it affects Australia’s future.

The first, and arguably most significant, aspect is that the election has been declared as a federal election.

The term ‘federal election’ is actually used to refer to a state or territory election.

This means that it is the result of the result in each of the 50 states and territories, plus the Northern Territory, and that the results in each state and territory are combined to form a single federal result.

The outcome in every state and Territory is also considered to be ‘national’ in that it can be used to make federal legislation.

But even if the federal results are declared as national, the state and local results will still be important, as they provide a record of the preferences and behaviour of voters.

What is the national outcome?

The results in all 50 states, territories and Australian Capital Territory are considered to have a national outcome.

This is because each state is responsible for setting a national result for the election, and the result is then used to set a national vote-share.

States are also responsible for the counting of votes for each party in the federal elections.

The national result is used to determine the total vote-split for each state, territory and Australian capital Territory.

However, a state may not be able to have more than one result in any federal election because of a range of factors, including a number of factors that affect how many votes are actually cast in the state.

The federal result will be used for allocating the vote-spans between parties, which means that the result will also be used as the national result.

States have an equal chance of winning the national vote share.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is responsible in allocating federal results in state elections.AEC has responsibility for all the states and territory election results, but it has limited ability to do this because of the number of states that it administers.

States will have a better chance of being allocated results from the federal result because it will provide a better record of where the votes are coming from.

A number of state and federal election outcomes will have been decided by an independent electoral commission.

The independent commission is independent of the Australian Electoral Officer (AEO), but is the equivalent of the chief electoral officer.

The AEC is responsible to provide the national results for all state and territories.

The results will be available to the public and to the parties.

The result in a state election can also be a state-by-state or territory-by‑state result, and this will also affect how the results are allocated to the federal outcome.

For example, in the case of the Victorian election, the results will likely be different from those in other states.

State and territory elections have a different structure than federal elections, and there are different rules for what counts as a vote in a federal and a state campaign.

A federal election results are generally declared as follows:In a state and a territory election, parties and candidates must file their own returns and election papers.

Electors must give evidence and provide a declaration of their intention to stand in the election.

These are the rules for election results in the first three states, Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria.

For the next four states, the rules are:The federal and state results are not considered to count, and in each case, the total count is based on the state’s vote share and not the federal vote-per-capita result.

For each state the total state count is the total number of votes cast, but the total federal vote is used as a benchmark.

A different formula for counting federal and statewide vote-by and vote-total results is used in the ACT, the Northern Territories and South Australia.

The total count in each electoral district in the Australian Capital Region (ACR) is the number divided by the total votes cast for the state election in that district.

The count in the ACR is the sum of the total Federal and State votes cast in each district.

For regional elections, the result from a state is used for the count in that state.

This will vary across states and electoral districts.

For every state, the count is different in each region.

The final result for each region is the statewide vote share of the state as a whole.

This can be either a national or state result, depending on how many state seats are contested.

For federal elections in the Northern and Southern Territory, the final result is the combined federal and regional


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