Elective surgery results: Georgia’s race for governor results in runoff

Elective surgery results: Georgia’s race for governor results in runoff

Georgia has elected two new governors in an election that could prove a referendum on President Donald Trump.

Key points:Georgia’s Republican Governor Nathan Deal is the first Democrat to take office since former President Barack Obama was re-electedInauguration of governor Nathan Deal has drawn huge crowds and left a lot of people in Georgia wondering if they will have a chanceThe first-time winner of the governor’s race has said that the race will be “more important than the election”He’s already won over the most conservative Republicans, but he’s struggled to attract enough support from Democrats to win outright.

Georgia’s governor has the right to appoint two more candidates for governor and to call an early election.

He can appoint up to three.

He has been criticized for not running a full campaign, but Deal has promised to take on Democratic incumbent Gov.

Phil Bredesen.

The president won Georgia’s 10 electoral votes in 2016 and is now poised to win another 10 if he wins Georgia’s 5 electoral votes.

Trump has not endorsed Bredescensen or any other Republican for the governor.

He was the first president to endorse a Democrat in Georgia’s presidential election, in 2016.

Bredescen won his seat in the state legislature in the 2016 Republican sweep of the White House.

He is the son of former Republican Governor Don Bredsens, who served as Georgia’s governor from 1995 to 2007.

He has repeatedly said he is not a political candidate and that he would run as a Democrat, but it remains unclear if he will be.

Bredsen, who ran against Trump, is facing a Democratic challenger.

Georgia’s first openly gay governor, Mark Herring, lost his bid for reelection in 2018.

The Republican party’s nominee, Steve Latham, is running as a write-in candidate.

Bolden has been endorsed by the state’s largest business groups and by a number of Democratic activists.

He has said he would appoint conservative justices to the US Supreme Court.

A number of Republicans, including former governor and Trump confidant Rick Scott, have also backed him.

In a statement, Bredsdesen said he will seek reelection in 2020.

“It is my firm intention to remain the most progressive governor in Georgia and lead Georgia in a positive direction,” Bredsransen said.

Deal won his first statewide race, defeating Republican Lt.

Governor Casey Cagle in the November election.


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