What happened at the polls in the Irish election

What happened at the polls in the Irish election

A national election is taking place in Ireland today.

It is an historic moment for the country, for our democracy and our democracy.

This election will be a pivotal moment for our future.

A year ago, it was inconclusive, and the country was in a state of disarray.

We were still living in the aftermath of the devastating flooding of the Irish floods of May 2015, and our political landscape was still very much unsettled.

But then, at the very last minute, a remarkable change occurred.

For the first time, a majority of Irish people came out in the streets and said that they would vote Yes.

They voted Yes to a mandate that was guaranteed to them, and they gave it a shot in the arm.

This was a vote that was taken by the people, and it was a result that was worth remembering.

This is the beginning of a new era for Ireland, and we need to celebrate this historic moment and celebrate what has happened in this election.

In a country that has struggled with corruption, corruption is a scourge that has been destroying our country for generations.

The government of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is committed to combating corruption.

The Taoiseachers new corruption taskforce has been appointed to work to end corruption, to stamp out political favours, and to protect public funds from the hands of criminals and other abuse.

The Government has been clear about its commitment to stamping out corruption in all its forms, including organised crime and the organised crime networks.

We have seen the Taoiseaches election manifesto, in which he pledged to tackle organised crime, and he also pledged to work with our partners to tackle corruption.

These promises are not merely aspirational; they are actually working towards the very end of the election campaign.

The new corruption tsar will be an asset to the Government and to all those who care about our democracy, and this is why I am delighted that he has chosen to run for a second term.

He will be able to focus on a campaign that will bring Ireland the best possible deal for the people of Ireland.

In this election, he will also be able give an opportunity for a new generation of Irish leaders to lead the country out of the shadow of the financial crisis and into the future.

This campaign will also showcase the virtues of democratic accountability and accountability in the private sector.

As part of his role, the Taoisays new corruption czar will ensure that the Taoises reform agenda is well-researched and thoroughly analysed, and that it will be rigorously implemented.

The people of the country will be given a say in the direction that our country goes, and a say that the Government will use to steer Ireland towards a better future for all.

The campaign will be based on the principles of participatory democracy.

There will be no preferential voting, nor will the candidates be given special treatment, nor shall they be allowed to raise their profile in the media.

This will be transparent, and there will be little or no media manipulation.

The public will be asked to engage in a public debate on the issues of the day.

The election will not be a coronation of a certain leader or a coronavirus pandemic.

The vote will be held in an open and transparent manner, and voters will be encouraged to take part in the process of making their choice.

The programme for the election will take three years to complete, and once it has been delivered, it will become law.

The reforms outlined in the programme will take effect immediately, and all existing laws and regulations will remain unchanged.

The process of the democratic transformation of the Republic of Ireland will begin with a referendum, followed by the enactment of the new laws and reforms.

The Fine Gael Party, the Alliance and the Labour Party have all expressed their support for the programme outlined by the Taoies Government, and will work together to put it into action.

This programme will deliver on the promises made in the election manifesto and the promises of the Taoislas election manifesto.

It will be the culmination of the journey of the political parties to a fairer and more secure Ireland, a fairemer and more prosperous Ireland.

This democratic transition will be for the good of all, and for the benefit of all.

We welcome the election results and the positive message that the country has received.

The only question that remains is whether or not the Taoís will be re-elected as the next Taoiseas leader.

In that case, we will work closely with the Taoides team, and hope that they will come to terms with the decision they have made, and embrace the values of democracy that they have been championing for the last two years.

We look forward to welcoming them into the Government.


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