Which states will have the most votes and what is the election outcome?

Which states will have the most votes and what is the election outcome?

With only three days left in the election campaign, the countdown is on to counting the votes in all 100 districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

While the counting process will be underway from Sunday, the counting of votes will not begin until Thursday.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is expecting to have the final tally of the total votes on Thursday.

The tally will then be confirmed by the ECI and the final result is expected to be announced on Friday.

Elections in Andhra are held every two years, and have a total population of about 5.4 crore.

The current Assembly polls, which are being held from April 26, will see the BJP sweep the region with an overall tally of almost 9.6 crore votes.

According to the latest tally of data available from the ECIs data, the BJP has won 14 of the 14 seats in the assembly, with the other nine seats going to Congress.

The party’s tally in Andolan is higher than its tally in neighbouring Telangana, where the Congress party won only three seats.

But in Telanganna, where Telangans traditionally vote in the national elections, the ruling party is the dominant party.

It is the only party in Telugu-speaking Andolan, with a total of 24 seats.

According to official data, Telanganas number of seats in Lok Sabha has increased to 14, from 11.

The BJP has secured 18 seats in Androlanches Assembly, with three seats going its way.

Meanwhile, in Karnataka, which has been declared as the BJP’s state for the next elections, its tally of votes has increased by eight seats to 23, with Congress party retaining five seats. 

The Congress has won six seats in Karnakudu Assembly, which will be contested by the Congress and the Trinamool Congress.

While the BJP is now the dominant force in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Trinami party, which is also a member of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), has secured three seats in each of the three islands.

The results of Andaman Islands Assembly elections will be finalised on May 28.


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