How to help elect more female senators in 2018


(AP) Women in Montana are voting for women who are running for office in 2018, and not just for their own political gain.

They’re also voting for a new generation of women.

A wave of women seeking elected office in Montana has turned the once-white state blue, and it’s also turned redder.

“The number of women elected to Congress and state and local office in our country is on the rise, and Montana is just one of the states that is taking notice,” Montana Republican Sen. Heidi Heitkamp said in a statement Thursday.

“We need more women to lead in politics.

Montana is the state that has proven women can lead.

It is also the state where Montana women are running and winning.”

In Montana, the women have come from a wide variety of political backgrounds.

There are two women who have won statewide office in the past decade, and a third who won statewide in 2018.

The state has more women than any other in the nation, according to the most recent census, and has had a female governor for almost a decade.

The women running for the state’s top office include women who were once considered fringe contenders.

In 2018, the state will have at least two female senators, the first since 1972.

Both will be Republican, and both have served in Congress for more than a decade, including two terms.

Heitka, a former state auditor, is running as a Democrat.

Former state Sen. Michelle Lipps, a Republican, is the first female elected official from Montana in more than 30 years.

She won the Republican primary.

In 2020, it will be more than two dozen women running statewide for seats that are currently held by Republican men.

The Democrats are a strong force, too, including former Gov.

Steve Bullock and state Sen.(Brett Gundlock).

“It’s a wonderful time to be a woman in Montana,” Heitko said.

“It’s an exciting time to run for office.”

The women are doing it in the face of a backdrop of racial and gender equality that has not been seen in the state for decades.

In the 1970s, Montana was the first state to adopt a voting law that requires people of color to present a photo ID to vote.

It was a stark contrast to the country as a whole, which has largely made voting easier.


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