Florida: Election Day results expected to be certified as legal

Florida: Election Day results expected to be certified as legal

A vote for the first time in the state’s history on Tuesday is expected to end in a tie.

The state Supreme Court ruled that Florida voters must be certified to vote by Tuesday’s deadline, which is on the date on which a statewide ballot initiative was approved by voters.

“There’s no question that the state Supreme court is right to have the deadline be pushed back to March 15th,” said Alex Ward, a political scientist at the University of Florida.

“I think there’s a pretty good chance of that being overturned on Tuesday.”‘

A very important day’ for democracyIn recent years, state officials have been pressured by the political parties to change election laws to accommodate presidential hopefuls and other political parties.

But the new court decision does not allow that.

The law will remain in place until at least March 25, when it will have to be amended. 

On Monday, the US Supreme Court said the election is not legally valid because the measure is invalid under the US Constitution.

“This case raises a very important issue of how to ensure the legitimacy of a presidential election in the US,” said David Wasserman, a professor at the US University of Pennsylvania’s Miller Center.

“It also raises questions about whether or not the US Congress should be required to hold a vote on whether or so-called ‘faithless electors’ have voted for a particular candidate.”

Wasserman is also an expert on electoral law, and has written extensively about the constitutionality of the Florida election law.

He said the Supreme Court decision was a “very important day” for democracy in Florida.

“It makes a very, very important distinction between an election law that was passed by the legislature and an election that’s taken place through fraud, when the state legislature is not able to verify the votes, or to verify that the vote has actually been cast properly,” Wasserman said.

The ruling does not mean the law will be repealed in Florida, however.

Florida’s attorney general, Bill McCollum, said that the law remains in place and that the case is being appealed to the state supreme court.

“The state supreme courts decision today is not about the state of Florida,” McCollm said.

“The state of Texas has already said that this election law is constitutional.”

However, McColling said it was the responsibility of the US supreme court to make the final call on whether the election was legitimate.

“I think that it’s very important that we stay out of it.

And I think the courts have to look at it as an exercise of their power, not as a matter of law,” he said.

In the days leading up to the deadline, Florida Governor Rick Scott and other Republicans have called for the state to delay voting until the Supreme of the United States has ruled on the case. 

The Supreme Court last year sided with a lower court ruling that invalidated Florida’s voter ID law.

The US Supreme court had ruled that the Florida law violated the US constitution because it violated the first amendment.

“We’re not ruling on the constitution.

We’re just trying to have a dialogue about it,” Scott said last month.

“We are going to be here until the very last day.”


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