Guyana Elections Results: Results, Start Times, Results, Vote By Post

Guyana Elections Results: Results, Start Times, Results, Vote By Post

The U.S. and British elections are on track to go ahead on Monday, but that won’t make the situation in Guyana any better, as the country’s economy has barely recovered from the recession.

The country’s political landscape has been in turmoil since a coup in February, when a U.K.-backed government in neighboring Haiti ousted the countrys democratically elected President, Michel Martelly, in a bloodless, three-month-long coup.

The country’s economic downturn has exacerbated the problem, with many struggling to get by, as many have lost their jobs or seen their incomes fall as a result.

President Martelly has not been able to restore his popularity, with his approval rating falling to a record low of less than one-third of a percent.

Despite this, Martelly said Sunday that he is going ahead with his plan to formally recognize Guyana as a “third country” and that the country is on track for the start of the country s presidential election process in May.

He is hoping that his “third-country” status will help him to bring economic growth to the country, said Guyana’s chief electoral officer, John Kamborek, who said Martelly’s economic plan was being followed in preparation for the upcoming election.

As of Monday, Guyana had 1,723 registered voters, according to a count conducted by the electoral council on Saturday.

That number has increased to 2,073 since Friday, and is expected to grow further as the election draws nearer.

With the electoral vote scheduled to begin in May, and the vote in early June, Martellas victory would give him a slim majority, though he would likely lose the vote.

On Monday, Martelas aides will hold an event in the capital, Port-au-Prince, to announce the new elections.

The U, U.N., and Organization of American States are due to attend the ceremony.

Martellas political opponents have said that they are ready to face charges of “disorderly behavior” and will use any legal means necessary to prevent that from happening, according the Associated Press.

The government has also threatened to shut down Guyana s national television station, which was a fixture in the country since the 1950s.


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