Which US President Has the Best Chance to Win the 2018 US Election?

Which US President Has the Best Chance to Win the 2018 US Election?

With the 2016 election on the horizon, many have been predicting a landslide victory for the Democrats, even though Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the election.

However, according to the latest polling data, President Trump has a much better chance of becoming the next president.

As of now, President Joe Biden is ahead of the pack with a 58% to 28% chance of taking the White House in 2020.

This has been a trend of recent, with Biden outperforming Hillary Clinton by a wide margin in the recent midterms.

However the trend may change with Biden’s decision to run for president in 2020, as the Democrats have the power to choose the next vice president.

For the most part, the current Vice President has been elected on the back of the support of a large bloc of Americans, with most of the country favoring Hillary Clinton over Trump.

However with the 2020 election just days away, it is likely that the public will be much more concerned about who will win the presidency in 2020 than who will actually be elected.

However there are a few factors that may help determine the election outcome in 2020 for President Joe, especially with regards to the presidential debates.

The first of these factors is that President Joe is a highly respected man in his own right.

He has served in the Senate since 1977, and was reelected in 2020 by a landslide margin.

He is also one of the most popular Presidents in the United States, and many believe that he will continue to do so in the years to come.

Biden’s approval rating has increased in recent years as well, with his approval rating at 58% in 2016.

In 2020, Biden will face a very different set of voters than the one he faced in 2016, which will likely increase his chances of reelection.

In addition, President Biden has an impressive resume as a former governor of Delaware, and has built his reputation in the state of Delaware as a strong and capable leader.

Biden has the experience, ability, and charisma to be a formidable candidate for President, and his chances to become President in 2020 are very high.

Finally, President Barack Obama is the most unpopular President in modern times.

According to Gallup, a whopping 75% of Americans believe that Obama is not doing a good job at handling the presidency.

However despite the negative ratings, President Obama is still the favorite to win reelection, and may be able to take advantage of the momentum created by his win in 2020 to gain control of the Whitehouse.


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