How to watch the Senate elections in 2020

How to watch the Senate elections in 2020

LOUISIANA — The 2018 Louisiana gubernatorial election saw Democrats reclaim their majority and bring in new state Treasurer John Bel Edwards as the first Democrat in more than a decade to win the governorship.

The runoff was held Monday, Nov. 30, to determine whether Edwards, a Democrat who served as governor for more than four years before losing his seat to Republican Donald Trumka in November, will continue his push for a second term as governor.

Democrats have won in four consecutive statewide elections since the GOP took control of the statehouse in 2011.

The latest win came with the help of a new Democratic senator and new endorsements from the state’s major labor unions.

In a state where more than 10,000 registered Democrats were turned away by Election Day polls, many expected Edwards to win a decisive victory.

But the final count was far closer.

Edwards won by a margin of more than 2,000 votes, with more than 4,500 provisional ballots counted.

It’s unclear what will happen next.

The runoff is scheduled for Dec. 6.

With the midterm elections now under way, it’s a perfect time to take stock of where Louisiana stands.

Here are five takeaways from the election:The 2018 election in Louisiana is still up in the air.

Democrats will be the first in more of a century to govern with a majority in the Senate, and the Republicans will have to find a way to retain their seats.

Here’s a look at the major races for 2018:The Democratic Party has already won nine statewide offices in the state, but the next gubernatorial election is still to come.

The state Senate has now been filled by Democrats for more years than in any other state, and Democrats have held the seat in a Republican majority for more of the past decade than any other in the country.

The Senate is controlled by Republicans, who won control of state politics in the past six years.

This is largely because of the makeup of the chamber.

The Democrats control just five seats, while the Republicans control 13.

This means that if the chamber were to remain Republican-controlled, Democrats would need to win eight seats to control the chamber altogether.

But Republicans are expected to control all of the seats that were up for election in 2018.

As the state of Louisiana prepares to go to the polls on Dec. 1, we’re taking a look back at the 2018 election results.

Here are five things to know:


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