Why the election results were so wrong

Why the election results were so wrong

Posted October 17, 2019 08:14:57 The final results of the Georgia 2018 elections will be released on Friday, with the results set to be seen as a harbinger of how the nation will vote in November’s general election.

Key points:Georgia is the last of a group of five democracies in which an independent country can vote for its president or prime ministerThe country has not been part of the EU since it joined in 2003The country’s election results came under heavy scrutiny when the election commission said the results were not credible as they were not verified by independent monitors”The results of Georgia’s 2018 elections have been certified as fraudulent,” Georgia’s election commission wrote on its official Twitter account.

“We strongly believe that Georgia’s results were fraudulent, and we are calling on the Federal Electoral Commission to act swiftly to investigate the matter.”

Georgia’s election board did not respond to a request for comment.

Georgia’s main opposition Republican Guard party, which holds the largest share of seats in parliament, had said on Sunday it would not accept the election result, saying it would seek to “fight this fraudulent vote”.

“This illegitimate vote has deprived Georgia of its rightful right to choose its own leader,” the party’s presidential candidate Giorgi Margvelashvili said.

“If the results of this election are confirmed, it will undermine the foundations of our country.”

President Giorgos Karatzian has said that the results are “fake news”.

He said in a televised address on Sunday that the electoral commission had verified the results and had issued an arrest warrant against those responsible.

“They have arrested me,” he said.

“They have put me under arrest.

We will defend Georgia.”

Earlier, the commission said it had received the arrest warrant, which it would issue on Friday.

It said in the statement that it would immediately investigate the election board’s claims that the election was legitimate.

It did not provide any further details.


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