How to watch the Georgia election in 2019

How to watch the Georgia election in 2019

The Georgia election is in full swing, and as we approach the final week of the campaign, it’s worth taking a look at what to expect.

Key points: Georgia’s election results are due on Friday, while South Carolina has yet to hold a general election in 25 years. 

Georgia election: Who is running and who is not? 

The state’s 6th Congressional District (also known as the 4th District) covers the metro Atlanta area, as well as surrounding counties. 

It has been a traditionally blue state, but is in the grip of a historic Democratic wave. 

In 2016, Republican Mitt Romney won by a mere 0.2% of the vote. 

This year, Republican Karen Handel is leading Democrat Jon Ossoff by a comfortable margin, and the race could decide the fate of the House and Senate in Georgia. 

What you need to know about Georgia’s 2018 election:  1. 

Karen Handel won her seat by just 0.1% of total votes cast. 

That’s a landslide victory. 

However, her margin of victory was significantly smaller than the margin of defeat in Georgia’s 2010 election. 

She won by less than 6,000 votes in 2010, but won by over 5,000 more in 2018. 

Handel has led by just over 6,700 votes in 2018, and has led in every poll conducted since. 

Her advantage has been so small that polls show that even if Handel’s lead narrows further in the coming weeks, it is unlikely to change significantly. 


Jon Ossof won his race by an even bigger margin than Handel, winning by just under 5,200 votes. 

He had a comfortable lead throughout the campaign but his momentum was halted when a series of irregularities led to his opponent’s victory being challenged. 

Ossoff lost the runoff, but still won the general election with an impressive margin. 


Devin Hodge won his election with a 3.5% lead over his opponent, Johnathan Scott. 

Scott, who has never held elected office, had a large lead over Hodge. 


Shelley McDaniel won her race with just over 1% of vote. 

 McDaniel, who served as the state’s governor from 2009 to 2018, has been one of the most outspoken Democrats in the US Congress, leading the charge against Trump’s travel ban. 

McDaniel won the runoff by nearly 3,000, but lost to Handel by less then 2,000. 


The winner of the runoff will face off against the winner of both the House special election and the special election for the Senate. 

There is a high likelihood that Georgia’s special election will go to a runoff, with both candidates facing off for the House seat. 


A second runoff for the Georgia House seat will take place on February 7. 

If the winner is determined to be the winner in the special runoff, then they will face each other in a runoff election on February 12. 


Democrats will need a big victory in the House race to hold onto the majority. 

President Donald Trump has said he would not run for re-election, but Democrats in Georgia will need to win at least four out of five seats in the 2018 election to regain control of the state legislature. 


While Georgia has traditionally been a Republican state, President Donald Trump’s popularity has increased dramatically. 

Republicans in Georgia have seen a dramatic increase in their share of the popular vote over the last three presidential elections, and this year’s election will be no different. 


One of the top reasons for the increase in Republican support is the president’s immigration policies. 

Trump’s immigration plans have created a lot of uncertainty in the states bordering the US, including Georgia. 

 Trump has promised to build a wall on the southern border, deport illegal immigrants and deport the families of those who are in the country illegally. 


Donald Trump’s election win has also helped fuel the Republican resurgence in Georgia, and Republican voters in Georgia are turning out in record numbers. 

Republican Georgia Congressman Steve Scalise and Republican House Speaker Tim Moore, along with Republican Governor Nathan Deal and other Republicans, are campaigning for Georgia’s governor. 


North Carolina has also been a battleground state in the last few years. 

  North Carolinians will be voting on Tuesday for their first black state governor in over 60 years.

Republican Ed Royce and Democrat Roy Cooper are the two candidates leading in the polls. 


 The Republican Party in Georgia is a diverse and growing party. 

Among Georgia’s largest counties, the Atlanta metropolitan area is the most diverse in the state. 


Despite a strong Republican turnout in the recent election, Democrats are looking to turn out their strongest voting bloc: African Americans. 

Democratic Georgia


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