George W. Bush’s victory a ‘victory of political realism’

George W. Bush’s victory a ‘victory of political realism’

The election results on November 6, 2000, showed the Republican incumbent, George W Bush, winning a narrow victory in a tight election against a challenger named Al Gore.

But Mr Bush also secured an unprecedented, second term in office, winning the White House on a platform of a pragmatic foreign policy and an economic revival.

The election of Mr Bush was also the first of his presidency to be seen in person, as his vice-president, Dick Cheney, did so in person in Texas on election night in 2004.

It is the first election to be watched by Americans from overseas, but Mr Bush, who was born in New York City, won’t be visiting his country in his second term.

But he did manage to bring with him a host of friends and family who will soon be moving to the US: his wife, Laura Bush, is expected to be in Texas for her father’s inauguration; his son, Jeb, will soon join him in Texas; and his brother, George, will visit the US to celebrate his brother’s 100th birthday on February 16.

The first Bush to be officially welcomed into the US after he left office, he was welcomed by his family, friends and supporters in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

George W’s visit to the state was followed by his arrival in Dallas on Wednesday, where he was greeted by several hundred people, including many of the same people who had been cheering him on on election day.

Mr Bush’s speech was peppered with jabs at President Donald Trump and his policies, and focused on a host, including Iran, Syria and Venezuela.

He was expected to use his visit to draw parallels between the past two administrations and the current one.

“We are the same president who took office with an unshakeable conviction that we must defend the American people from the threat of terrorism and from those who would threaten them,” Mr Bush said.

“The new president is going to be a different president.

And the next administration will be even different.”

As he prepared to leave for Texas, Mr Bush told a crowd gathered in Texas City that he had a “pretty good feeling” about the state’s election results.

“You know, it’s not always easy to tell the truth in Texas,” he said.

Mr Trump’s first term has seen the rise of far-right politics in Texas.

Some Republicans who are not Democrats and who have supported Mr Trump are now looking to Mr Bush as a surrogate, and Mr Bush himself has sought to build a bipartisan coalition, with the support of the Texas delegation to the United Nations, including former Democratic Senator Mark Begich, who had supported Mr Bush.

While many in Texas were delighted by the election results of November 6th, others were not as happy.

“I was hoping for a landslide, but we got more than we expected,” said Texas Representative John Duncan, who is not a Democrat.

“And the only reason it wasn’t a landslide is because of all the other things that were happening around the country.”

Mr Bush campaigned for the Democratic candidate in the Texas Senate race, incumbent Representative Martha Roby, in November 2000.

He won the state by a narrow margin and the White house in a landslide.

In November 2001, the US was hit by the worst economic recession in its history, and a second wave of terror attacks on the US.

Mr Obama won the presidency by just two points over Mr Bush in November 2010, but he lost Texas in November 2014.

In his inaugural address, Mr Obama said that his administration would be “taking on al-Qaeda, and they will not have a place in this country if we do not succeed”.

“I know that you will not be intimidated,” Mr Obama told the crowd.

“It is up to us to defeat this evil.”


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