How Donald Trump’s election will affect you

How Donald Trump’s election will affect you

The Donald Trump election has brought out the worst in people.

There’s no denying that, but we can’t deny the effects it’s had on the lives of millions of Americans.

Here’s what you need to know about how the election is affecting you.


The Trump effect On the day after the election, people who have lived through Trump’s presidency are reporting feelings of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Many say they have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.

They have trouble remembering to eat and sleep, and many have a “fear of crowds” that leads them to avoid social gatherings.

The feeling of helplessness and isolation can be overwhelming, and it can leave them feeling hopeless.

There is no easy way out.

You are either going to stay home and be depressed, or you’re going to have to go into the office and start working, and the anxiety and stress is going to be so much worse.

Many people, including those who voted for Trump, have been left without jobs, housing or other supports.

Some are in extreme poverty, and they’re left with no one to help them get through the night.

And some of those who have stayed home to vote, or stayed home and voted for the first time, have experienced anxiety, depression and a host of other issues.

The most prominent example of this is Trump himself.

The election has been a blow to Trump, who was already facing severe criticism from the left for his lack of empathy, and he was already on the receiving end of a major blow to his legitimacy when his inauguration was delayed by weeks.

The fact that the president-elect has already won and has already gained so much political support has made it very difficult for him to take his rightful place at the top of the list of the nation’s most unpopular leaders.

This is why it’s important to keep an eye on the issues facing people in your area.

Do you know someone who is struggling to find work, housing, health care, medical care, or education?

Share your story with us in the comments section below.


The political ramifications of Trump’s victory In some cases, the election will have immediate and long-term political repercussions.

For instance, Trump’s supporters, many of whom had previously voted for Hillary Clinton, may now find themselves angry and frustrated at their choices.

Some may find themselves supporting Trump as an act of resistance to the establishment.

Others may choose to continue their support for Clinton.

In either case, those who are angry and disappointed will likely be more likely to vote for a third-party candidate.

Trump himself has promised to run against Clinton for president in 2020, and his supporters are expected to vote in droves for his campaign.

The more people are willing to give up on their party and their leaders, the more likely Trump’s win will be a resounding victory for his agenda.


The impact on social media The election was a wake-up call to the political establishment and social media companies.

Social media companies were already under pressure to do more to combat voter fraud, so the election had a direct impact on how they do business.

Facebook and Twitter have already taken steps to help voters identify fraudulent or fake accounts and to remove the false posts that have been popping up online.

These steps will only help the company improve its systems for reporting fake accounts.

But many experts say they expect more work will still need to be done to ensure that people are properly identifying and removing fake accounts on their platforms.


The ripple effect It’s unclear how much of the election was stolen from Trump’s campaign.

According to the FBI, the hackers responsible for the DNC hack are believed to have stolen about 40 million votes from the DNC, which was used to win the election.

The hackers, known as Fancy Bear, are believed in the US to be Russian.

In a press conference on Friday, FBI Director James Comey said that the agency is now “not confident” that Fancy Bear had the ability to steal the election results, and said that he’s “not sure how much the Russians were able to do.”

It is believed that Fancy Bears were able, for example, to steal voter information on Facebook accounts belonging to voters in Florida.


The damage It’s likely that the political impact will last for years.

It’s not likely that this election will lead to a major social upheaval, but it is possible that the impact will be felt for years, especially if Trump is elected.

This could mean that social unrest in the United States could become a serious problem in the future.


The implications for business The election is a big deal for the economy, but the impact on business is far less clear.

According a recent report by research firm Gartner, the U.S. economy lost about $9.8 trillion in GDP during Trump’s first year in office, a drop of $2.2 trillion from a year earlier.

Gartneer’s report predicts that the economy will


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