How the GOP plan to defund and undermine the Affordable Care Act could derail the Senate’s health care bill

How the GOP plan to defund and undermine the Affordable Care Act could derail the Senate’s health care bill

A proposed Senate health care legislation that would end the federal government’s health insurance subsidies and mandate people obtain private insurance would have to be approved by the House before it can be sent to President Donald Trump for his signature.

Republican leaders plan to send the legislation to Trump for a signature after it receives the approval of both chambers of Congress.

The proposal is the latest in a series of measures aimed at undermining Obamacare and its replacement.

The legislation would end some of the subsidies, including the Medicaid expansion, and replace them with an individual mandate.

House Republican leaders have been struggling to secure the support of enough House Democrats to pass the bill and send it to Trump, a Republican who has threatened to veto the bill if it is not approved.

Democrats have threatened to vote against the bill even if it does pass the Senate, and some have called for its passage.

Democrats have proposed a number of other changes, such as ending the federal payments to insurers for health insurance that helped them reduce their costs.

Republicans, who have pushed for a repeal of the Affordable Act and the replacement, have resisted, saying the program is not as successful as it was in the years before it went into effect.

They say the law is too costly and has become a burden for taxpayers.

There is a broad consensus that the health care law is not working, and that the solution to the problem is not to repeal it and start over.

That view has caused Republicans to attack the Democrats who have been pushing for its repeal and to try to defund it.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement that he supports any bill that does not defund the AffordableCare Act, and called on Trump to veto any bill to defund the law that fails to repeal the Affordablecare Act.

“The President should reject any bill which attempts to defund Obamacare and make good on his promise to repeal and replace it,” Schumer said.

Trump has already signaled he will veto any Republican bill to undo the law.

On Friday, the president tweeted: “Democrats will be voting to go along with any bill trying to dismantle the ACA.

The American people will not let that happen.

If Dems want to fix the mess they created for themselves, they must act now.

They should not be allowed to ruin the great healthcare system we have all enjoyed.”


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