Trudeau’s win is a resounding win for Liberals in Quebec

Trudeau’s win is a resounding win for Liberals in Quebec

Justin Trudeau has become the youngest leader of a major political party in Canada’s history, defeating conservative leader Philippe Couillard in a snap election that ended with Couillard losing the leadership to the young Trudeau.

Trudeau swept into power on a wave of support from a growing young population, who had largely stayed out of politics since the last election in 2019.

He took more than two thirds of the vote and became the first prime minister in modern Canadian history to be elected to the premiership without a minority government.

Trudeau’s victory in the province of Quebec also gives him the title of youngest leader in Canadian history.

Trudeau was sworn in as prime minister on Saturday.

He thanked Quebecers for their support in a statement released by the Liberals.

Trudeau has said he will work to end the divisive and toxic politics that have plagued Quebec since the province’s secession from Canada in 1954.

Couillard, a former Quebec premier, became the country’s third-longest serving premier after Trudeau and Jean Charest in Quebec.

Couldre lost to Trudeau in the 2018 election but was reelected in 2022 and has held the office ever since.

The Quebec election also saw the debut of a brand new party in the region, the Liberal Party.

Trudeau said he has been encouraged by the support from the youth of Quebec.

“Today is a very special day for me,” he said in the statement.

“I am very pleased to be Canada’s youngest prime minister.”

Trudeau will be sworn in on Tuesday as the 45th leader of Canada’s governing Liberals.

He said in a tweet after winning the election that his government is committed to fighting inequality, fighting climate change and improving health care.

He also called on people to be united in their commitment to fighting for a more equitable world.

He will take office on January 20, 2019, after winning an election in which Couillard’s Conservatives suffered their worst defeat in 20 years.

Couillon said he congratulated Trudeau and congratulated the government for its victory.

“The victory of my party today shows how we can work together to build a fairer, more sustainable world,” Couillard said in an emailed statement.


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