NYT Election Results: The Winners and Losers of the 1984 Presidential Election

NYT Election Results: The Winners and Losers of the 1984 Presidential Election

From left to right, the winners and losers of the 1988 presidential election are: John Anderson, a Republican; John Anderson Sr., a Democrat; John A. Anderson, Jr., a Republican.

John Anderson was elected to the House of Representatives in 1987, the first Democrat to be elected to that office in the state’s history.

John A., Jr., was elected the state senator from West Virginia in 1993.

Both men were reelected in 2006.

The 1992 presidential election saw Republican George H.W. Bush win the White House, the third straight election that Democrat Bill Clinton won.

The 2004 election saw Democrat John Kerry win the presidency.

In 2016, Republican Donald Trump won the White, second time he won the election.

In 1984, the two Republicans were nominated for the Senate.

Anderson won the Senate seat in November of 1984.

The winner of the election, John Anderson Jr., became governor of West Virginia.

Anderson served for the next seven years, until he was elected as a Democrat in 1986.

The former president and his wife, Janet, are the primary breadwinners for Anderson’s family.

Anderson was the first sitting U.S. senator to resign in December 1988 after he was charged with lying to the FBI about a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl.

The charge was eventually dropped, and Anderson left office in 1995.

In 1988, Anderson won his first re-election race for the House.

In 1992, he lost to Democrat Bob Dole, but regained the seat in 1996.

In 1996, Anderson’s campaign for president failed to garner enough support to be considered competitive.

Anderson became a Republican in 2001, but in 2006, he switched parties to become a Democrat.

The next election, Anderson received just over 6 percent of the vote, a number he had not seen in more than 30 years.

The election was decided by only about 1 percent of ballots.


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