Spain elections: What you need to know

Spain elections: What you need to know

Spanish elections are coming to a close, but here’s a look at the most important stories of the week.1.

The election of a new Catalan presidentThe Catalan parliament, in Barcelona, on Sunday gave its approval to a new president to replace Jordi Sánchez, who is retiring at the end of the year.

Sánchiz is a former Barcelona mayor and a member of the ruling Partido Popular party, the country’s most influential party.

The vote comes amid a wave of anti-government protests that has been stoked by the failure of the country to get a budget approved by the regional parliament, and a crackdown on civil liberties.

Catalonia is also holding its own regional election, with two candidates running for the presidency, and the two leading candidates are Catalonian socialist and Catalan nationalist Pedro Sánches.

Catalan Prime Minister Oriol Junqueras is expected to run for the Catalan presidency.2.

Catalan separatists in Europe, US and South America, on the moveA separatist movement in Catalonia, led by separatist leaders, has been threatening to launch an armed uprising if the region is denied its autonomy.

On Sunday, Catalonia’s regional government called off its military operations, and it has suspended the military’s command.

It also called for the arrest of members of the Spanish National Guard who have been accused of participating in an attack on police headquarters.

The Catalan parliament voted on Sunday to suspend the regional government’s authority.

The country’s President Carles Puigdemont said the Catalan government’s actions are “unacceptable.”

The countrys regional police force, the Guardia Civil, has also been called in for talks.3.

How the election unfoldedIn Catalonia, the election was seen as a referendum on the regional independence push by the Spanish government.

Some analysts say the vote is just a symbolic test of the region’s determination to resist the countrys control of its own affairs.

The main opposition Republican Left party (ERC) has already called the vote a sham, and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has threatened to block it.

In the end, the turnout was low.

But the independence vote is not seen as an easy or straightforward vote.

In a referendum in Spain’s north, the Catalans voted in favor of independence in 2014.

In 2017, they voted overwhelmingly to secede from Spain.4.

What you should know about the electionA Catalan separatist leader, Oriol Jan Sanchez, is the current head of the regional Catalan government.

The president has said he will not seek re-election.

The region will hold another regional election on December 21, 2019.5.

Catalonia, Spain and the world’s most complicated electionThere is a lot going on in Catalonia and in Spain.

The regional government has been struggling to deal with the fallout from the failed attempt to seceal the region in the 1990s.

In response, Spain banned Catalonia from voting, and in October 2016, the regional council was forced to shut down for the first time since the Spanish Civil War.

The separatist movement that led the secession movement in 2015 is also active in Catalonia.

The Catalan government has blamed Spain for the current economic crisis and has been forced to cut services.

Some politicians have been calling for the region to be declared an autonomous region.

Catalonians also voted to form a union with the rest of Spain.

In an unprecedented move, the Catalan president has pledged to form an independent Catalan government in 2019.6.

How to watch the electionThe election will be live-streamed on the Spanish news channel Televisa, and you can see the results at

What are the candidates?

A pro-independence candidate, Oriel Jan Sanchez.

The candidate’s slogan is “The people are our future.”

The candidate is also the head of Catalonia’s largest regional council.8.

What is the Spanish election?

The Spanish election is the largest in Europe and is expected by some analysts to be the biggest since the end and beginning of the war in 1914.

Spain has been in crisis since the region declared independence from Spain in September 2014.

The independence vote has caused the economy to contract, as Spain has struggled to pay the public services needed to support the Catalan population.

The Spanish economy shrank 2.3 percent last year.9.

Who are the main contenders?

Catalonia’s president is Pedro Sáenz de Santamaría.

He has been a leader in the Catalan separatist movement since its founding in 2014, and he has called for a secession referendum in 2018.

The leader of the Republican Left, Oriole Junqueros, has a strong pro-European stance.

The party is in a coalition with the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), which opposes independence.10.

Who is the biggest loser?

Catalonian Prime Minister Pedro Síñid Márquez is widely seen as the biggest winner of the referendum.

Máriquez was elected in the first round in November 2016.

In addition to


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