Trump supporters celebrate Trump win, vote recount in California

Trump supporters celebrate Trump win, vote recount in California

Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 US presidential election was a stunning victory that gave Democrats a chance to claim control of the US Senate and govern the country.

Here’s what we know about the recount in the race for California’s governorship.

1:00 What are California’s recount requirements?

In 2018, Californians went to the polls to elect representatives to Congress.

Democrats held 51 of California’s 50 seats and the Republican Party won two of its seats.

They then won the statewide vote by about 23,000 votes.

The two candidates who were the first to secure the party’s nomination, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, received a combined total of 49,543,837 votes.

Trump was not included in the count, but his supporters celebrated his victory.

California’s election system is very similar to other states, but California’s is very different from the system used in states like New York and New Jersey.

In California, votes are counted by a computer, rather than by hand, and there are two sets of rules: One sets out how each state should count provisional ballots and the other sets out the statewide totals for the electoral college.

If either of these two sets are in error, the state is forced to redraw the ballots, and if the discrepancy persists, the election is thrown out.

Voters in California can still cast ballots in person at their polling places, and those who want to vote absentee can also do so.

But if their ballots were incorrectly counted, they can request a recount.

How much will it cost?

The California Recount Commission will cost $2.5 million and will be led by Republican State Treasurer John Chiang.

There will be five commission members: two from each party.

The commission will also be able to hire the staffs of both sides of the aisle.

What will happen if a recount is not conducted in time?

If the count is not completed in time, the results would be counted in the state’s election.

The election commission will then send the results of the recount to the secretary of state for his or her signature.

If the secretary determines that there was a violation, then the state can request the recount be re-run.

What happens if a third party files a lawsuit?

If a recount has not been conducted within 15 days, the California election commission can order the recount halted and ordered to begin anew.

This could occur if a party claims the election was compromised or the commission fails to investigate further.

If a third-party alleges that the recount violated any of the rules set out in the California Election Code, it must file a lawsuit within 10 days.

If California wins a lawsuit, the result would be announced by the state court system.


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