How to predict the next presidential election: The Five Most Important Factors

How to predict the next presidential election: The Five Most Important Factors


The candidates’ positions on climate change The candidates, including President-elect Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders, have promised to take action to tackle climate change, but have yet to take concrete steps.

While Clinton has taken steps to reduce carbon emissions from power plants, Sanders has proposed to build on existing policies and build new ones.

While Sanders has said that he will take action, he hasn’t outlined how.

The two candidates also have yet for now to take on climate denial.

Clinton’s former campaign manager, Robbie Mook, said that Sanders and Trump’s positions on global warming are “both false and both morally repugnant.”

“The Republican nominee and his advisors are trying to undermine the science and undermine the ability of the United States to meet its obligations under the Paris Agreement,” Mook said.

“Climate denial is a very dangerous strategy.

It is the leading cause of death and disease around the world, and it’s a clear and present danger.”


The nominees’ positions regarding gun control A major issue in the election is the issue of gun control.

Clinton has pledged to implement new gun laws, including expanded background checks, expanded gun safety training, and restrictions on gun sales to suspected terrorists.

Sanders has expressed support for stronger gun control measures, such as a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Clinton is also a staunch opponent of gun violence prevention measures, including a ban that would have required universal background checks for gun purchases.


The number of foreign policy decisions the candidates have made The candidates have taken positions on various foreign policy issues, but none have been as critical as the ones discussed above.

Clinton and Sanders both have supported a nuclear arms reduction deal with Russia, while Trump has said he will not support the deal.

Clinton, in particular, has said she will not be a supporter of a nuclear agreement with Iran because of the threat that Tehran poses to Israel.

Clinton also said that she will be willing to work with Russia on the crisis in Ukraine, which has been in turmoil for a year.

In a separate development, Clinton said she wants to work closely with Russia and the U.S. to end the civil war in Syria.


The likelihood of a Clinton-Trump transition In addition to the issues mentioned above, there are several other factors that influence how voters perceive the candidates in their final weeks before the election.

According to a new CNN/ORC International poll, only 22% of voters expect Clinton to be the next president, while 55% of those polled expect Trump to be elected.

Clinton leads Trump by 6 percentage points in the survey, while 18% of respondents expect Clinton and 12% expect Trump.

Among those who say they’re likely to vote in the general election, Clinton leads by 7 points.


Who has more experience?

Clinton is the first woman to lead the party, while Sanders is the second woman.

However, Clinton has faced criticism for her lack of experience as a candidate.

She served in the House of Representatives for 11 years from 1997 to 2013, and was the first African-American to be appointed to the House in the nation’s history.

In an interview with CNN, she said she believes she has “done more to prepare than anybody who has ever run for the presidency.”

While Clinton is likely to be more experienced than Trump in governing and is known for her strong leadership abilities, there is a difference in how many years they have been in office.

The last time that a woman won the presidency was in 1980, when Barbara Jordan won the White House in a landslide.

She also had a more moderate stance on some domestic issues, such the war in Iraq and the wars in Afghanistan and Libya.

Clinton would also be the first female to serve as president of the U,S.

Chamber of Commerce.

She is the only one of the four current presidents who served as vice president before taking office.

While many Americans may be interested in electing Clinton as president, it is not clear that they would actually want to do so. 10.

What they’re saying about the election: Is there a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for the 2020 presidential race?

The first four candidates on this list have been able to raise millions of dollars, and are leading in some of the most important state polls.

While the remaining candidates have struggled to win support in the national polls, they have won some significant support from key constituencies.

The 2016 campaign has been defined by the rise of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as the front-runners.

Both candidates have been seen as progressive, and have been popular with voters in the swing states.

Sanders is viewed favorably by 53% of Americans and has a higher favorable rating than Clinton among both Democrats and independents.

A CBS News poll released this week found that a majority of Americans now believe Sanders is better than Clinton, and that Clinton’s lead is shrinking.

Sanders’s lead over Clinton is down by 9 points from a CNN/USA Today poll released last month, and is now just over 5 percentage points. The NBC


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