Which party will win the 2019 election in Maharashtra?

Which party will win the 2019 election in Maharashtra?

MULTIPLE PARTIES WIN BIG IN MANSOLA ELECTION, DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION IN GANDHINAGAR The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has emerged as the biggest winner of the 2019 general election in Gujarat.

The BJP has won all six Lok Sabha seats, winning a total of 26 seats, more than the Congress which has won nine seats.

The party has secured a record-breaking 24.7 per cent share of the vote, according to preliminary results from the latest results published on Saturday.

The Congress has secured 24.3 per cent and the Bharatiyeen-BJP alliance has secured 20.6 per cent of the votes.

The Bharatiyavardhan Party (BNP) has secured the most votes in the poll.

The BJP has managed to win all nine seats it contested in the Lok Sabha polls.

The results also show that BJP is likely to be the largest party in the state after winning all nine Lok Sabha constituencies in the polls.

The BNP and the Congress were the only two parties to win more than 10 seats in the assembly polls.BJP, which has been running in the alliance government since April, secured its first seats in Assembly elections since 2004.

The Congress has been in power since 2002 and is likely not to give up its alliance with the BNP, which is a junior partner in the government.

The BNP has been facing a series of internal problems.

The party has faced allegations of political interference and nepotism in recent times.

It has also been accused of being a party of corruption.

The Opposition Bharati Congress Party (BCP) too has been under pressure for the last two years over the party’s alleged links to the BJP.

In the recent elections, the BJP managed to gain 14 seats in Gujarat, a state which has a population of over 1.5 crore people.

The country has over 2.3 billion people and Gujarat is one of the most populous states in the country.


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