When a Jewish man was murdered by Arabs, Israel and the United States could not agree

When a Jewish man was murdered by Arabs, Israel and the United States could not agree

When a young Jewish man and his friend were brutally murdered in Jerusalem in 1972, the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to punish Israel for their deaths.

The United States, the Arab world, Israel’s Arab allies, and the UN’s own inspectors all supported the measure, but the United Kingdom was against it.

In the end, the Security Council resolution was voted down by a vote of 14 to two.

The decision set the stage for what would become the “two state solution” that would ultimately lead to the creation of Israel.

And yet, a few years later, in 1973, the UN adopted a resolution that would declare Israel the “only democratic state in the Middle East.”

Israel’s leaders, who had been convinced of the illegitimacy of the United Nation’s resolution, decided to defy the international community and continue the brutal killing of their friends.

The two-state solution was dead.

Two million Israelis were murdered, many of them in cold blood, in the name of a political ideal that was never fulfilled.

Today, the fate of the “Jewish state” is still up for debate, but what is clear is that the “right of return” is far from dead.

Today’s Middle East The United Nations is not the only international body with the power to prevent genocide.

But it is the most powerful and influential.

In fact, there is a growing consensus that the United State is uniquely positioned to stop genocide and preserve the rights of Palestinians.

The US has already been one of the world’s strongest advocates for a Palestinian state and is now leading the way in pushing for it, particularly when it comes to the UN.

Israel’s leadership is increasingly desperate to have the UN help them secure the rights they have been trying to obtain for decades.

In 2013, US Secretary of State John Kerry called on the UN to support a “two-state resolution” that recognizes Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

Israel is determined to win the right to build a future state, and its efforts are being driven by a desire to retain a “democratic” foreign policy that has the potential to help the United Middle East.

But the UN has never recognized a “Jewish” state, which has always been viewed as a fundamental part of the Palestinian identity.

The UN has long considered Palestine to be a non-member observer state.

This designation was first granted to the former British Mandate of Palestine in 1946, and has been applied to the region ever since.

However, the U.S. has been a permanent observer state for decades, and until recently, was one of only two permanent members of the Security Court.

This meant that any attempts by Israel to secure the right of return for Palestinians living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem have been viewed with hostility by the United Sates leadership.

For decades, U.N. member states have been divided over the question of whether or not to grant Palestine a “right to return,” and in recent years, Israel has been trying desperately to force the issue through the Security Committee.

In 2011, the Council unanimously voted against a resolution recognizing Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

In addition, the US vetoed a similar resolution from Egypt, which was backed by the U-S.

and many of the U.-S.


This year, the “historic” vote came as a surprise to many.

The resolution was backed largely by countries from the Middle Eastern and North African regions, as well as by the European Union.

It passed with a narrow margin of 52 to 47, with a few abstentions, mostly from the EU and other countries that are not parties to the current UN resolution.

In 2015, Israel, the most influential and aggressive of the five permanent members, took the lead in the Security Decision making process.

It has made it clear that it will pursue a “one state solution,” and that it would push the U (UN) and its allies to accept such a resolution.

As a result, the situation for Palestinians in the OPT (Occupied Palestinian Territory) has been deteriorating.

For years, the Israeli occupation has forcibly uprooted hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes and lands in the East Jerusalem area, and demolished Palestinian villages and homes in the occupied West Bank.

This has been accompanied by a steady stream of illegal Israeli settlement building in the area.

These illegal settlements, and others that are under construction, have created a humanitarian crisis in the region, which is currently the worst in the world.

Israeli forces have destroyed over 4,400 Palestinian homes, schools, and other infrastructure, displacing hundreds of families and displacing many of their relatives.

The U.s. has consistently pushed for a “just peace” agreement, and while there have been a few instances of peace talks between Israel and some of the Palestinians, the international public has never really understood why they are so rarely pursued.

Israel has sought to create a Palestinian homeland in the


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