How to vote in 2019 election: The best seats to watch

How to vote in 2019 election: The best seats to watch

Fergus Murphy’s victory over Fergus Shanahan in Fulton County’s Victorian electorate in 2019 may not have been his most popular, but it was still a big one.

Source: News Corp Australia Fergus Murphy, the MP for Grosvenor, was elected in a landslide victory, but that victory was not quite what he was looking for. 

The election results in Fulton, a rural electorate on the Gold Coast, were a great success for the party that has had an extremely difficult time in recent years.

Fifty per cent of people voted in favour of Mr Murphy, with another 27 per cent voting against him.

Mr Murphy won with a comfortable lead of just one point.

But a new seat, the Victorian seat of Bylah, was won by Labor’s Jason McCartney, by 1.5 points.

This seat is now held by the Greens.

There were also a number of seats that Mr Murphy won by large margins, such as the seat of Maribyrnong, in Victoria’s south-east, and the seat which is held by Liberal Tony Williams, in the Northern Territory.

So what happened to the Liberals?

Fulton was the biggest Liberal victory since the 2010 state election, when Mr Murphy became the first Indigenous person to win the seat in its history.

He won by a large margin of 61.6 per cent to 44.9 per cent, with two-thirds of voters supporting him.

The Liberals were the largest party in Fulton’s Victorian election.

Fascinatingly, the seat was won not by a single MP, but by the party which formed the Government with Mr Murphy.

That is not the first time the Liberals have won this seat.

In the early 1990s, the Liberals were one of the largest parties in the State Parliament, winning almost every seat in the House of Representatives, including the seat from which Mr Murphy was elected.

And the Liberal Party has been a strong force in the Government, especially when the Government has been in power.

The Liberals lost seats in the past in Victoria, but they have made gains elsewhere in recent times, especially in Western Australia.

What about the Greens?

The Liberal Party lost its two seats in Fulton in the early 2000s, when the Greens were the only major party in the state.

Now the Greens are back in power in the Victorian Parliament.

They have also been a major force in government in the Territory.

However, the Greens have also lost their two seats to Labor in the recent Federal election.

They have held a number seats in Victoria and the Northern Territories, but their current support is lower than it was in the 1990s.

However, their support in the Tasmanian election is higher than it is in the Federal election, and is currently above 50 per cent.

The Tasmanian Liberal Party is the third-largest party in Victoria.

How are the Greens doing?

Despite losing seats in Melbourne, Victoria and Tasmania, the party is in a strong position.

The Greens are also one of only two major parties in WA, which is where they are now.

Their support in Tasmania is also higher than in Victoria or in WA.

In the Northern Australian election, the Liberal National Party has a strong lead over the Greens, but a strong Nationals party has also been in place since 2009.

The Nationals are the third largest party, with almost one in four votes.

Although the Nationals have a number more seats than the Greens in WA and Victoria, their majority is smaller than that of the Liberals.

The Green Party is in third place in the seat count in the ACT.

They are also in the lead in the Western Australian election. 

Their current support in Canberra is higher. 

But the Greens will be facing serious competition from the Nationals in the 2019 state election.

What are the Liberals doing?

While the Liberals may not be in government, the Federal Government is not going away anytime soon.

A number of Liberal MPs have been caught up in corruption investigations.

The Prime Minister’s office is also investigating potential breaches of parliamentary privilege, including a $7 million payment made by Liberal MPs to the Liberal Senator David Leyonhjelm.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised to make the investigation of the allegations a priority.

However the Federal Opposition is also looking to change the rules around how the government handles questions about corruption.

While they do not have a majority in the Upper House, the Labor Party has promised the Coalition would make changes to the current system.

Labor’s proposed changes would see a review of how the Government conducts its inquiries into political corruption.

The Federal Government also wants to abolish the Senate and abolish the Speaker’s position.

Who is running in the election?

It is very likely that at least one of two major candidates will be the Liberal candidate.

With the Nationals holding all of the seats in WA except for the seat held by Labor, the


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