How to vote in Greek elections

How to vote in Greek elections

GREEK elections are set to begin on October 5.

As part of the election process, there are three main phases, which are designed to ensure that the Greek people are able to vote and vote wisely.1.

Voting at home, at work, and at church. 

The first phase of the Greek elections will be at home.

The Greek government will set up a new voting booth in all cities where citizens are allowed to vote.

This booth will be equipped with modern voting machines, as well as free WiFi access.

The booth will also be equipped to allow voters to cast their votes by phone. 


Voting by mail.

The second phase of elections will take place in Athens, where there are a number of voting booths where citizens can vote. 


Voting on polling day.

The third phase of election will take the form of a postal vote.

The voting booths will be manned by volunteers from each district and will be open from 10am until 6pm, from 10pm until 8pm, and from 8pm until 6am. 

At least one hundred thousand people have already registered to vote so far, but the Greek election commission has said that the number of people who have already voted will reach around 200,000 by October 7.

In addition, the Greek government has set up another voting booth for those who have not registered, and is encouraging people to vote for the new government. 

On the ground, there is no official polling site in Athens.

There are two polling booths in Athens that are set up by volunteers.

One is in the city center where around 100 volunteers are working to register voters.

Volunteers are also working on the other polling booths.

The polling stations will be staffed by volunteers who have never voted before. 

In addition, some polling booths are manned by non-voters, but they are not allowed to cast ballots in advance.

Voting on October 7th will be compulsory.

“There are a lot of obstacles and we will have to face them together with the people.

That is why we need to have a free and fair election,” said Dimitris Katsidakis, a senior member of the government’s electoral advisory board.

“We must not take away from the people’s right to vote.” 

The government is also encouraging Greeks to take part in a variety of other civic activities.

There is also a plan to create a new youth center, which will provide support for people aged 18-35, who are not able to get jobs.

The center will be run by the Athens Regional Center for Young Greeks (ARAG).

“We must have a new generation that is not just voting, but also acting in the electoral arena,” said Alexis Panagiotopoulos, the leader of the conservative Pasok party. 

 “We need to create new forms of participation in the political process, and we must also create new ways of understanding the problems facing Greece.

We must have more people, we need more political discourse and more people’s participation.” 

Panagiotos’ party is one of the main parties in the government.

On the streets of Athens, the government is holding its first “National Youth Forum” that will take up a wide range of issues, from education to healthcare to the economy.

 The rally will take on a new tone as the government has promised to increase the number and quality of public services, as it has done with its previous youth initiatives.

The event is also being held in coordination with the country’s first presidential election, scheduled for October 22.

Greek voters have traditionally been more receptive to government policies than they are to foreign parties, but some politicians, like Panagios, have been vocal critics of the new electoral rules.


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