What 2020 election year means for 2020 election numbers

What 2020 election year means for 2020 election numbers

Election years are the best time to be on the fence about whether to vote.

The general election in 2020 is already shaping up to be a big one.

The election’s outcomes, both major and minor, will be crucial for all parties.

What to expect during the election year, 2020 election?

Here are five things to expect, as well as predictions for how the country will vote in the coming weeks.1.

The polls are still pretty close.

All of the polls and forecasts we’ve seen over the past few weeks are still looking pretty close, although we don’t know how they will pan out.

One of the main issues this election has been about is how voters feel about the two major parties.

The two major political parties have come in for criticism for their handling of the refugee crisis.

That has led to a lot of focus on whether voters should vote for one party or the other.

On average, according to a poll by Ipsos Mori released earlier this week, 51 per cent of respondents believe the government should focus on reducing immigration.

While there’s been a lot more emphasis on the refugee issue, that is still not the majority view.

Another poll released this week showed that 52 per cent want the government to increase the number of refugees it takes in each year.

But the gap between the two parties has been narrowing over the course of the year.2.

The parties are still neck and neck.

There’s been little evidence of any significant shift over the last few weeks.

It’s still a close race, with the Conservatives leading Labour by 3.5 points.

Labour is also ahead of the Liberals, who are up 4.3 points.3.

The biggest party has the most seats.

If you’re not voting for one of the major parties, you’re at risk of losing your seat.

Of the 326 seats up for grabs in the 2020 election, the Conservatives have 326 seats, while the Liberals have 232.

These figures represent a drop from the 326 they held at the 2015 election.4.

The Liberals and Greens are doing well.

Both of these parties have benefited from a surge in support from young voters.

In October, the Greens had a 12-point lead over the Conservatives, while their Liberal rivals were only 10 points behind.

However, they are also at odds with the Liberals over how they plan to deal with the refugee situation.

The Greens are already facing a barrage of negative stories from their leader, Senator Christine Milne.

Senator Milne has been widely accused of wanting to see the resettlement of refugees in New Zealand become a national issue.

They have been accused of having a plan to send refugees to countries that do not accept them, including countries that have already taken in refugees.

And they have accused the Liberal Party of being soft on asylum seekers.


What to expect in the lead up to the election.

For most of the election, there have been two main parties.

The Greens are hoping to capture more seats than their party has in any of the past four general elections.

A third party, the New Zealand First, has been a minor player in the election campaign.

When the results come in on Tuesday, there will be a lot to ponder, as the election will be the biggest in New England in a decade.

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