What are the odds of a Trump presidency?

What are the odds of a Trump presidency?

The odds of President Donald Trump winning the 2018 midterm elections in the United States are around 50 to 1, a CNN analysis of state and national elections has found.

The analysis, based on a combination of exit polls, vote counts and other election data, suggests that Trump’s chances of becoming the 45th president of the United State are almost entirely based on what happens on Election Day in 2018.

The analysis, published Monday, came just days after Trump suggested on Twitter that he would seek to end the election process if Democrats do not nominate someone who he deems worthy of the office, citing his desire to end “the corrupt, crooked system.”

The analysis found that Trump has a 50-to-1 chance of becoming president, but that there are a lot of unknowns surrounding his chances.

The 2016 elections saw a surge in the number of people eligible to vote who did not actually vote.

This time around, that figure is expected to fall as a result of a surge of absentee ballots.

The CNN analysis did not include other factors, including turnout rates, which are notoriously difficult to predict, and turnout by voters who have moved from one state to another.

The data analysis was based on the latest exit polls and vote counts from states that had a winner-take-all election.

It used exit polls conducted by the University of Michigan and other polling organizations, along with the vote counts in the presidential and congressional races, according to the analysis.

It found that a Trump win in 2018 would likely be based on two things: his favorable ratings among the general public and his disapproval ratings among certain groups of voters.

Those two factors are not correlated, so the analysis did have some limitations.

For example, it only looked at the exit polls from states where there was at least one candidate who received at least 50 percent of the vote.

The study also looked at voter turnout rates and the demographics of voters, including the percentage of people who identify as white, black, Asian or Hispanic, according the analysis summary.

The report also found that the election was won by the candidate who earned the most votes in the states that have at least two candidates.

This candidate typically won a majority of the total votes cast.

But in some states, the candidate with the most popular vote received less than half of the votes cast in those states.

For example, Trump would win by a 2-to1 margin in the District of Columbia if the presidential vote were split equally among all candidates, the analysis found.

But Trump’s victory in the country’s capital, Washington, D.C., would not be possible if he lost the other two states.

The most likely outcome would be for him to win the popular vote, but the margin of victory would be much smaller than the margin in Washington.

A CNN analysis released in July found that Democrats had a clear edge in both the House and Senate elections.

The CNN analysis found the likelihood of a Democratic victory in 2018 is about one in 50.

And in states that voted for Trump, the probability of winning the White House is almost one in seven.

The study also examined the outcomes of the races for the House of Representatives and the Senate, which would be the next president’s final two years in office.

Both seats are currently held by Republicans.

Trump has said that he will seek to keep the government running through a “clean” spending bill and is likely to sign a new bill into law that could keep the federal government running until at least December.

But the White Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has threatened to block a new spending bill that would increase defense spending.

And Democrats are planning a filibuster effort to force Republicans to vote on a spending bill if they do not pass a spending measure.

The findings from the CNN analysis are based on voting patterns from November, when there were fewer than 300,000 votes cast statewide, and November, which was the most expensive midterm election ever.

This year, turnout is down and there are fewer people voting, but Democrats are still far ahead in both seats.


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