The Trump-Clinton landslide: The 2020 election could be closer than you think

The Trump-Clinton landslide: The 2020 election could be closer than you think

Election Day is fast approaching, and with it comes a flurry of news.

The election results are in, and it’s now clear that Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States.

We’ve seen the results of the vote, and we’ve seen how Clinton’s lead is shrinking as more and more votes have been counted.

The most surprising thing is that there is still time for the election to be overturned by a recount.

We’ll find out on November 8th.

In this election, Trump is in a strong position.

But there are other issues that could impact the race, and they will be discussed in the coming days.1.

A massive wave of voters could swing the election in Trump’s favorThis election is a big deal because it could impact a number of issues.

Here are some of the key issues that are likely to affect the election:The election is in the books.

We now know that Clinton won the popular vote, but her margin of victory was much smaller than the Electoral College.

In order for her margin to change, all of the votes cast must be counted, and if they are, Trump would need to win by more than 2.5 million votes to gain a majority of the Electoral Vote.

Even if Trump wins the popular election, the Electoral votes will still be needed to give him the majority of electoral votes.

The current system gives the President the responsibility to appoint a majority in the Electoral Colleges, but the Senate could be required to approve any legislation the President deems necessary to fulfill his responsibilities.

This means that any legislation Trump proposes could face a filibuster.

This is why the electoral college system is important: It gives the presidency to the President, and this is something that President Trump can and will use to his advantage.

The electoral college, which was created in 1824, gives the president the responsibility of casting all the electoral votes, but it is not a vote by popular vote.

It’s a vote for which the winner receives a majority, and the president’s votes in the House and Senate are not counted.

In addition, since the Electoral college is a secret, it is extremely difficult for a president to challenge it, which is why he is the one who is supposed to make the rules.

This is why every president since Ronald Reagan has used his office to challenge the electoral College system.2.

If Clinton wins, there’s a chance the electoral vote could shift in Trump favorThis isn’t just an issue for Republicans.

Democrats have been counting votes, too.

There’s no way that Clinton can win without losing the Electoral vote.

However, the popular votes are in the bag, so it is possible that the popular popular vote could swing a few votes in Trump or the ElectoralCollege could shift to Clinton.

In either case, that could make it even more difficult for Trump to gain the 270 electoral votes needed to become president.3.

Trump’s approval rating could plummetEven though the polls are showing that Clinton is losing the popular contest, there is a chance that her approval rating will plummet in the days and weeks ahead.

The new president is expected to be extremely popular, and he has a reputation for being tough on crime and other controversial issues.

Trump has been the subject of several high-profile investigations, and his personal history includes racist comments.

The Trump campaign has taken a hit with the Mueller investigation, which could affect how Trump handles the investigation, and could impact how he treats voters.

Trump also needs to overcome the perception that he has been in office too long, which means that he’s likely to lose the approval ratings of the American people in the months ahead.4.

Some key states could be closeIn addition to the states that are already trending Democratic, there are some states that could be heading toward a swing toward Trump.

If Trump wins all of these states, he could win the election.

The key battleground states are Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

Trump already won Michigan, and there is no way he could lose it.

In Pennsylvania, Trump leads Clinton by just one point.

Trump is leading Clinton by four in Wisconsin, by seven in Michigan, by three in Pennsylvania, and by seven to one in Ohio.

The biggest swing is in Michigan by four points.

Ohio is another battleground state, and Trump leads by five in the state by seven points.

It is also a big winner for the Democrats, as Clinton leads by seven, and three points, in Michigan and Pennsylvania.5.

There could be a landslide in North CarolinaThe race in North Dakota has been one of the most unpredictable races of the election, and now that it’s officially over, the most important thing that happened is that Clinton did not win the popular and electoral vote.

If she wins North Carolina, it’s going to be a big blow to her presidential ambitions.

This could affect the race for the Republican nomination, and Republicans will be looking to the next battleground state in order to pick up delegates needed to win the nomination


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