What to know about election fraud and Election Fraud Watch

What to know about election fraud and Election Fraud Watch

Election fraud is a major problem in the United States.

There are over 40 million cases of election fraud, which is why President Trump promised to clean up the election process.

But many of these cases are more minor, or simply are ignored.

Here are 10 things to know if you are planning to vote on November 8.


Fraudulent votes in Florida are almost unheard of.

Florida is a battleground state and the 2016 presidential election was decided by only a single vote.

But that doesn’t mean that Florida has no cases of fraud.

In 2016, about 200,000 ballots were tampered with, which could lead to a significant amount of ballots being counted, according to ABC News.


Voter fraud can be widespread.

There is no single statistic to prove the exact number of cases of voter fraud, but the number of potential cases has been increasing in recent years.

In 2015, the Brennan Center for Justice reported that there were about 13 million fraudulent votes cast in the 2016 election.

There were 2.4 million fraudulent voter registrations in 2016, which means there were more than 6 million potential fraudulent voters.

In 2020, there could be thousands of fraudulent votes.


Many states have been forced to change voting rules in the wake of fraud, so the number is much higher than the number previously reported.

In some states, election officials have been required to change election rules in response to fraud.

Florida’s law that requires a random drawing of all votes for each precinct to be conducted has led to the largest increase in the number and type of provisional ballots.

In North Carolina, which has seen a number of votes cast by people who had moved from out of state, provisional ballots have increased by nearly 100 percent since 2015.


There could be many reasons why some states have more cases of vote tampering than others.

A number of states have laws that require elections officials to investigate potential voter fraud.

Some states have strict voting laws that may prevent election officials from investigating suspected voter fraud if they suspect that there are a large number of fraudulent ballots cast.

There may also be a broader reason why some people vote in a certain state and others don’t.


The number of counties with more cases than others is increasing.

According to the Brennan National Security Project, there are more than 100 counties in the country that have at least 200,001 registered voters.

There have been more than 1,500 counties in Alabama that have more than 5,000 registered voters, as well as more than 3,000 counties in Georgia that have a population of over 50,000.


There has been a surge in cases of people trying to vote twice.

The Brennan Center estimates that there have been about 6,000 voter impersonation cases since 2016, with more than half of these incidents occurring in a single county in North Carolina.

In many states, voters may be trying to get their vote counted twice.

There’s also a growing number of people attempting to vote multiple times.

In addition, there have also been cases of voters who try to vote with a forged ID. 7.

There can be a wide range of reasons why a person might vote multiple ways.

According the Brennan report, about 30 percent of registered voters in North Dakota say they vote in two ways: by mail or by absentee ballot.

Voters who vote by mail have been known to vote in more than two states, while voters who vote in person can vote in as many as 10 states.


Voting machines have made it harder for people to vote.

There was a significant spike in the use of voting machines after the 2016 general election, which led to widespread voter suppression efforts.

While many of the machines that were used during the 2016 elections were relatively new, there has been an increase in use in the last year, especially in the states that had strict voting rules before the election.

Some experts think that the use and widespread use of machines could be a significant factor in voter suppression.


There also are a number, if not all, of instances of voting equipment malfunctioning.

Many of the states with strict voting law enforcement standards have seen the use, storage, and operation of voting systems become increasingly difficult.

Many experts believe that the machines used in some states may not have been properly maintained or equipped.

The problems could be due to improper maintenance or a failure to properly configure the voting system.


Voting machine manufacturers are not responsible for the accuracy of the data that they collect.

Many companies are working on ways to improve the accuracy and integrity of their voting systems.

Some of the companies have made significant investments to improve their systems and make them more reliable, which are likely to be more difficult to fix if there are multiple reports of voter impersonations and election fraud.


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