How to read the election results

How to read the election results

When the presidential election results are published online on Friday, it will be a watershed moment for California and its political system, and for the nation.

California will be the first state to be able to cast its ballots in the presidential race and become the first in the country to elect its own president.

The state will also be the only one to elect the president in 2020, the first year the system is fully integrated.

The elections are also being watched for any irregularities.

The results of a recount, called by the state, are expected to be released sometime next week, but the exact outcome of the recount has yet to be determined.

The most notable issue in the process is the way the election was conducted, said Chris Van Zandt, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.

In California, the secretary of state, Andrew Hahn, is also expected to release results by the end of the week.

The process was designed to be quick and transparent, said Van Zort, who was not involved in the elections.

The state is also investigating potential election fraud, including whether some voters were ineligible to vote, he said.

It is not clear whether any votes were cast illegally.

“This is not an election about whether the election will be fair or fair on account of who won, it’s about whether there was a violation of the election law,” Van Zallt said.

“And it’s important to recognize that the election laws are very, very good.

They were intended to be used for the people of California, not for the powerful political elites.”

While voting is already being conducted in California, other states, such as Virginia, will be required to conduct their own recount as well.

That process began in March and is expected to take several months.

In a statement, the Associated Press reported that some 1.3 million votes were counted in Virginia, more than one-third of the statewide total.

Van Zandts, a former Republican who has been a political consultant, said the California recount is not necessarily the last recount, and that the U.S. election system could change before then.

“There’s going to be a lot of other recounts that are going to happen in the coming months and years that may affect how the voting system looks,” he said, adding that he believes the results of the California election will also change the way we look at the way elections are run in the United States.


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