How did the Haryana elections end up being a tie?

How did the Haryana elections end up being a tie?

By DANIEL KURTISThe results of the Punjab and Haryanas elections are being analysed by a group of experts and commentators to find out what the implications are for the nation’s political and economic life.

The Haryans and the Punjab are part of India, which means there is a clear separation between the two states, said Harshad Joshi, who has been tracking the election outcomes from a regional perspective for over 20 years.

The elections in Punjab were conducted by the Election Commission, which has a long history of being biased in favour of the ruling coalition.

The Centre is the main power in Punjab and the Haries have a vested interest in the outcome, which it has used to claim a mandate from the people, Joshi told Al Jazeera.

In Haryas, the BJP won 57 seats and the Congress, which came in third, won 19.

The Congress has been the only major party to enter Parliament since the 1990s, but the election results have shown it has lost the support of the people.

Haryana’s vote share has been slightly higher than Punjab, but its results have been more positive.

The BJP has come in second with 33 seats, while the Congress and its ally, the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), have secured the remaining three.

However, the RJD has yet to win more than 40% of the vote in any election, making the results meaningless for the future of the country.

In terms of the regional level, the outcome is a tie between Punjab and Chandigarh, according to Harshaj Kaur, a political analyst and writer.

The results in Punjab have given the Congress a comfortable majority, while Chandigaryh has a slight lead over the other two states.

However, in terms of national politics, the results in Haryan are a major blow to the BJP and its allies, who have been arguing for the last few months that the state is a key factor in the 2019 general election.

The victory of the BJP in Haries is a huge blow to Modi, who lost his parliamentary seat in Hys.

In the state, the Congress had lost its majority.

The BJP, which won 33 of the 59 seats in Punjab, has not been able to take Chandiggarh by storm.

The party lost three of its seats, including the one it had won in Punjab.

However it managed to retain three of the four seats in Chandigalh.

Kurtsar, the former BJP MP and a former adviser to Modi’s party, said the result is a blow to all the parties that supported the ruling Bharatiya Janat Party (BJP) in Punjab in the last two years.

“There is a strong possibility that the BJP’s political fortunes will be significantly affected by the Hys results,” he said.

Kaur said the results will also affect the party’s efforts in the state.

“The BJP has been trying to consolidate its support base in Hars by focusing on Punjab, where it had a strong lead in the polls,” she said.

The results also indicate that the ruling Congress is likely to lose its majority in Chandigs capital city, Haryapur, in 2019, said Rajesh Jain, an analyst and commentator.

Jain, who is based in Delhi, said it was a bad outcome for the Congress as it has failed to win a majority in Hards capital city.

“If Chandigaranh was the most important battleground in 2019 for the BJP, Chandigars capital is now the most significant battleground for the party.

This indicates that Chandigaragars electoral outcome is in a critical phase,” he told Aljazeera.

Hars has a population of nearly one million people and a large Indian diaspora.

Haryals government has made an effort to diversify its population to avoid the communal bias that has been seen in previous elections.


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