Why do the polls show the same results every election?

Why do the polls show the same results every election?

Election night results are rarely the same as on election day.

But the election results in Australia are never the same.

And sometimes, the same result can be the same for both parties in the same seat.

The polls are taken in advance of polling day to determine the outcome of the election.

And for the past 50 years, the results have tended to be the reverse.

The main reasons for the result being different are that: 1) there are fewer voters and 2) there is a higher turnout than usual.

But the polls are not the only factor.

A number of other factors, including: a) the time of day; b) the state of the country; c) the number of people in the electorate; d) the size of the electorate.

And they all come together to determine which party will win the election in 2018.

It’s a complex equation, but here’s how it works.

A lot of polling is done on Election Day.

And, for the first couple of days after polling day, the polls do not show much.

But then they do.

And then the data changes.

So, as a result, the final result will be the result of all the variables involved.

There are some caveats to this.

For example, there’s no way to tell how much people have voted in each election.

So if you were to ask the polling agency to provide you with an election night result, it might say it showed the Liberal party winning 48.7 per cent of the vote, or the Labor party winning 47.7.

Or it might give you the result the Labor Party won in the seat.

But it could also give you a result that the Greens won.

And, of course, the result will depend on how many people have actually voted, and how many have switched their votes to the other side.

The other important thing to consider is how many seats are currently vacant.

That’s the number that has been filled with a seat for the current election.

And while the figures for seats are the same, it’s also important to look at how many vacancies there are.

The number of vacancies varies by state and territory.

In some states and territories, vacancies are less common than they are in other states and regions.

But in other places, vacancies can be high.

In 2018, the total number of vacant seats was 823.

And in 2016, the number was 792.

So how do the numbers change over time?

There are several factors.

One factor is the number and percentage of seats that are in surplus.

This is how the government can borrow money to fill vacancies.

So for example, in NSW, in 2018, surplus seats were about one-third of the total.

But they were about 80 per cent in the year before.

In Queensland, surplus was around 20 per cent.

But now it’s about 50 per cent, meaning there are only two vacancies in the state.

In Tasmania, surplus is around 20 percent.

But there are about three vacancies in Tasmania, meaning the state has about 20 vacancies.

And in Victoria, surplus increased from about 12 per cent to 20 per the year prior, but now it is about 45 per cent and is closer to 40 per cent than in Queensland.

So as the surplus increases, the vacancy rate will decrease, which means the seat count will increase.

The numbers of vacancies can also change over the year.

For example, during the Victorian election in 2014, there were about 4,200 vacancies, but in the final count there were more than 9,000 vacancies.

So, when the surplus seats increase, the seats that were vacated will go down in number, but the seats in surplus will go up in number.

So it’s a bit like adding and subtracting.

But there are some simple rules that can help you understand what is going on.

The last week of September is when most seats are filled.

So you can use this week as a starting point.

Then you can add seats that have been filled recently.

And so on.

And if you have a vacancy, you can’t just fill it up with more seats, you have to make a call to the election commissions office and ask if the vacancy exists.

There is no such thing as a “dumping” of seats.

If you’re filling a vacancy and the surplus is low, the next best thing to do is to call the election commission and say that you want to change the number on the vacancy.

This is known as “residual” seats.

This means that if the surplus falls to the level that is needed to fill the vacancy, the surplus will increase to meet the deficit.

So the next time the surplus drops, the seat number is likely to rise.

If the surplus has fallen, the vacancies are likely to fall again.

And this is what is called a “recovery” election.

This happens when the vacancies fall to the levels that were needed to meet them, and then the surplus returns to the


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