Canadian elections: Election polls close, with few changes in the final standings

Canadian elections: Election polls close, with few changes in the final standings

Elections Canada has said that the polls will close on Wednesday evening.

The polls closed at 8 p.m.

ET (12:00 p.M.

PT), with the final results still to be announced.

The prime minister’s race will also be a hotly contested race.

The Conservatives are leading in the polls, and the Liberals are just behind.

Polling stations in Quebec City, Montreal, and Gatineau have been closed since early morning.

The Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is leading the Conservatives by a wide margin in the latest survey, but the Conservatives lead in a number of other polls.

A new Nanos Research poll also shows the Conservatives ahead, with the Liberals slightly ahead.

The Liberals are also ahead in a poll conducted by Ipsos.

The survey was conducted from August 14 to 18.

The Conservative Party has also come under fire for failing to make a clear endorsement of its leader, Stephen Harper.

The Prime Minister’s Office released a statement saying that it will be making a “statement on Tuesday” on how the campaign will be conducted.

“It is a question of how the next four years will be different from the last four years,” the statement said.

The race between the Liberals and the Conservatives has been tight for some time.

The pollster had said in January that the race would be close.

However, the Nanos poll suggests that the Conservatives could make it to a majority government, which would give the Liberals a new government in Ottawa.

The Nanos survey showed that the Liberals were ahead in the election.

They had led in the poll for months, but had fallen behind in recent weeks.

Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer, who is running for the party’s leadership, has also taken the lead in the campaign.

However the Nanus poll has been taken before the Conservatives started taking action.

In April, the Conservatives announced that they would hold a national press conference to announce their leader.

Scheer has made a number or announcements during that time, including the fact that he would be stepping down as the party leader.

The Harper Conservatives are also making changes to their electoral strategy.

The party is considering a slate of candidates to run in three ridings, which will include a number who are not yet in the race.

They also announced that there would be a national campaign focused on improving the economy and the economy of British Columbia.

The New Democrats have been making changes in their leadership race, as well.

They are planning to launch a new slate of leadership candidates on Wednesday.

However there have been reports of a number candidates being removed from the list.

The latest poll is not yet available for public consumption.


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